HEY! Pajama Slave Dancers fans! Here's some good prizes for you:

PSD LPs and Live Radio Recording

from some time in 1983 until November of 1988 I played with the scary bunch pictured above. L-R: Daxe Rexford, Dave Montovani, Dirk Futon, Scotty Blood, Steve Westfield. I had a great time, made some terrific, memorable music and finally quit out of frustration.
Nowadays I make my own music for my own amusement in my own studio. Most people say it all sounds like music from a videogame or movie soundtrack.
I have a lot more musical history, including Scream Cheese, The Rick Elder Show and Dadavision.
I will stick some of that stuff here as my ego compels me or in response to requests. Maybe.

I have also been recording with Dennis Most in the last bunch of years. Give Dennis a Listen!